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  • This morning we went down to the theater to test out the sound and picture of our feature film “Folklore” for its C&C premiere this week. Words cannot express what an amazing feeling it was to see it finally up on the big screen, it was a long bumpy road that taught us oh so much and definitely strengthened us as a creative duo and as brothers. Director Johnny Tabor and I as shown in the photos above took our first sigh of relief today that we have anticipated far too long now. Seemed surreal honestly :)

    I am super excited to reunite with the cast & crew this upcoming week at the premiere to celebrate a hell of a time we had and finally a film we all have been waiting for.

    Check out    http://www.Folklorefilm.com   to see the trailer and any info.

     Or google Johnny Tabor Folklore to see the buzz that has been going on.

    Now, the things currently happening behind the curtain, that’s a different story, will update on that sometime in the near future ;)

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