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A slave to the moon, coffee, and my music library.

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  • Day of the Mummy- new trailer 2014

    http://t.co/uv2ZVWxRgB trailer to our super indie film went live today. I’m the lead character and DP “Day of the Mummy” ridiculousness

    Starring Danny Glover, Billy McNamara
    Ruthless Pictures

    Going through work and organizing my portfolio and stuff, I came across this video again, I can’t believe its been over 2 years since this was made. Was just me shooting in my room with a bunch of toys and a kid. I miss how fun my shoots were then. Plus I make cameo at the gas station. Weird. Memory lane

    New vid I directed for @sirelijahblake of ARTium/DefJam recordings released today. DP’d by the amazing @patricklawler

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